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Peaking…. How do you maintain your peak?

Peaking is a delicate matter.  To create a peak takes hours and hours of hard work, hundreds of intervals, long rides, buckets of sweat and tears and gallons of electrolyte drinks.  When you finally get your FTP to the highest that it will be, you are both excited that you are “flying” and also in […]

Maximizing your speed….

by Hunter Allen Maximizing your speed is the outcome of your ability to produce power, the economy of the bicycle, along with the efficiency of the bicycle.  Ultimately as we all know, the goal is to go faster.  The easiest way to do that is to produce more power or watts on our bike.  You […]

Meet Elite Coach Barry P. Zellmer!

Barry, born in the 60’s started his endurance career as a 9-year old watching the ’72 Summer Olympics in South Eastern Wisconsin. He watched Frank Shorter win gold in the Marathon, and he was hooked. He was so hooked that he went out and ran 5-miles, all the way through high school distance running was […]

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