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3 things that winners do in the winter.

Over the years, I usually teach fall camps and teach power seminars around the world, I have been able to ride with many different cyclists and teach to diverse groups ranging from Gold medal winning Olympians and their coaches to beginning cyclists that have never used a power meter.  Teaching to diverse groups is always […]

What we are talking with our athletes about now: Heat, pacing and supplements.

The topics we have been talking about in the past two weeks have all been centered around: 1) The heat and how to deal with it. 2) Pacing during events and workouts in the heat. 3) Supplements: What are depleted in the heat and what can be used to enhance performance. This summer has been […]

How good is your “short” game?

Improving your ability to do hard and do short repeats is critical to your success in cycling

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