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What we are talking with our athletes about now: Heat, pacing and supplements.

The topics we have been talking about in the past two weeks have all been centered around: 1) The heat and how to deal with it. 2) Pacing during events and workouts in the heat. 3) Supplements: What are depleted in the heat and what can be used to enhance performance. This summer has been […]

How good is your “short” game?

Improving your ability to do hard and do short repeats is critical to your success in cycling

Who wants it more?

In your quest for success in cycling, one of the first things you learn is that bike racing is not easy.  There is a large amount of amazing riders out there better than you and in order to win you are going to have to improve your fitness and your race tactics.  After a while (sometimes a long while), you learn that each step up in success comes from one improvement at a time, with each small step contributing to a bigger step.  Let’s examine this process with a few examples using power files, so that you can see the clear step by step progressive nature of success.

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