The LEOMO TYPE-R is a wearable motion analysis device which measures and records motion with amazing accuracy. Bringing together the latest in motion sensing technology, biomechanics and professional level feedback, the TYPE-R can elevate your training, performance and injury prevention to a whole new level. The lightweight head unit with large high resolution display can be attached to your bike or wrist, showing you power, cadence, speed, heart rate, GPS, and motion analytics data in real-time.

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Leomo Case Study: Using Type-R to Fine Tune Time Trial Bike Fit and Q-Ring Placement

By: PCG Master Coach Chris Myers, Ph.D. The Leomo Type-R system is a wearable system that provides real-time biomechanical analysis of one’s pedaling motion. One of the components this system illustrates changes in the triathletes pedaling acceleration through the pedal stroke (termed dead spots). The hypothesis is significant amounts of dead spots in a triathlete’s […]

How to come back from injuries as a Masters Athlete

By PCG Coach Gordon Paulson In cycling, things can change suddenly.  A moment’s inattention, a touch of wheels, and the next thing you know, you’re heading for the ground, and unfortunately sometimes the ER.   It makes no difference whether you ride road bikes, mountain bikes, or a commuter bike.  Accidents aren’t limited to riders who […]

Ride Harder on Hard Days and Easier on Easy Days

By PCG Coach David Ertl One of the main things that differentiate recreational cyclists from competitive cyclists is the intensity with which they train.  When recreational cyclists come to me and want to get faster, they almost invariably say that they feel they are pretty strong, they ride a lot of miles usually, and they […]

Recovery is Training Too

By PCG Coach David Ertl The 2019 training and racing season is under way, and so is your training.  You are accumulating miles, hours in the saddle, and loads of training stress score (TSS) numbers. Your fitness is increasing, and you are getting stronger and faster.  You are also getting more fatigued.  As a coach, I […]