The Six Types of Cyclists During the Covid-19 Pandemic

During Global Meltdown 2020–there are those who do and those who do even more. Then…there are those coached by Hunter. #humorisNOTcancelled Hunter, ever the mountain-top philosopher, has been reading, examining and studying the dearth of cyclists out there on social media. In fact, to the chagrin of his staff, he spends most of everyday on […]


QUESTION: How hard is too hard? Will cycling compromise my immune system? #cyclingisNOTcancelled Hunter has been inundated with immunity-themed questions over the past few weeks. In these uncertain times, how can we remain fit–while best supporting our immune systems? By Hunter Allen Many of you know that your immune system can be compromised after a […]

How to BEST maintain your fitness during COVID-19

Hunter Allen breaks down how to maintain your FTP between seasons in these turbulent times. As Hunter has been saying for years: “Maintaining is training and training is maintaining.” By Hunter Allen, President and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group Maintenance.   It’s what you should do now.   I have read about coaches that are still prescribing […]

Planning and Nailing your Peak

For Hunter Allen–nailing your peak–is the holy grail of training and racing. When done right–you’re flyin’. When missed–your competitors are. By PCG Founder & Coach Hunter Allen We all have the best intentions leading into the off-season, and at the end of a big season it’s important to have that down time to recharge the […]

What to Do Next: A VO2Max Intensive Plan

By PCG Founder & Coach Hunter Allen Spring is here, and the riding season has begun in earnest. You’ve done some racing or some fast group riding by now and found your fitness to be exactly where you want it to be, or maybe you’ve found it needs to up it a notch. We all […]

What Can you Do in 3 Weeks?

Three weeks, twenty-one days. How much can you improve your fitness in three weeks? If you gave yourself a three-week training camp, how many more watts would you produce at the end of it? How much fitter would you become? How much body fat would you lose? How much could your bike handling skills improve? […]

What is a match?

It’s no secret that gravel racing requires burning of plenty of matches. Selene Yeager’s new book Gravel features some crucial discussion from Hunter on the nature of a “match.” Peaks Coaching Group is leading the premier East Coast Gravel Camp with Selene Yeager this Spring–where match burning and many other topics will be discussed on […]

Four Keys to Powerful Winter Training

By Hunter Allen, President and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group What you do this winter can really make or break your season in the coming year. Winter training is different for everyone since we live in different areas of the world; some of us spend a solid five months indoors while others can ride outside […]