Commit to a Determined Practice

by Hunter Allen, President and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group After reading Motivation is Overrated by Brad Stulberg, I was inspired. It spoke to me and to my memories of all of the hours of hard training I have put in over the past 40 years.  I started racing bicycles when I was 11, and […]


It’s not solely watts that win a race, but a whole host of factors, including: strategy, speed, nutrition, hydration, course familiarity, etc.Are you doing all that you can–including building an unassailable FTP foundation–to win your race? When it comes to data analysis, PCG Coaches are the industry standard, but we are also the industry standard […]

Help! My FTP Won’t Go Up!

We receive this concern several times a week from non-PCG athletes who are either on the training-app hamster wheel or have hit some other form of the self-coaching plateau. Our answer to both? A PCG coach. Read on to learn the crucial method as to how a PCG coach thinks in tackling this all-too-common problem. […]

Joseph’s First Gravel Camp

Texan Joseph Nguyen attends his first PCG Gravel Camp. Here is what he has to say! This time last Tuesday morning I was driving to Peaks Coaching Group Gravel Camp in Bedford Virginia. I have been coaching with my PCG coach, Rickey Wray Wilson, for over a year and he recommended that I attend the camp to better […]

Dollar Bills, Bacon, and Beer: Mastering the Extracurricular Skills of Cyclocross (The Hand-up)

Cyclocross racing is different. Apart from the mount/dismount, suitcase carries, step-through dismounts, and bunny hopping, a CX race can present rare and mysterious challenges unlike those of a typical criterium. You’ll need to be prepared. Before you line up for your first CX race, make sure you’re ready for that ‘cross-distinguishing element: the hand-up.


AND THEN GOES ON A HUGE, HONKIN’ COLORADO BIKE RIDE! The famous Colorado Triple Bypass has 120 miles with over 10,000 feet of climbing. PCG Camper Liz Young attended the first camp of the season in the beautiful mountains of the Blue Ridge. Upon returning home to Colorado, she completed this years DYI Triple Bypass. […]