How to BEST maintain your fitness during COVID-19

Hunter Allen breaks down how to maintain your FTP between seasons in these turbulent times. As Hunter has been saying for years: “Maintaining is training and training is maintaining.” By Hunter Allen, President and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group Maintenance.   It’s what you should do now.   I have read about coaches that are still prescribing […]

Planning and Nailing your Peak

For Hunter Allen–nailing your peak–is the holy grail of training and racing. When done right–you’re flyin’. When missed–your competitors are. By PCG Founder & Coach Hunter Allen We all have the best intentions leading into the off-season, and at the end of a big season it’s important to have that down time to recharge the […]

Remember the little stuff.

By BJ BASHAM, PCG Master Coach I have worked with lots of riders in the years that I have been coaching and you can think of riders as being in different phases of their preparation. Everyone can be thought of as being at the bottom of their form, in a growing and improving phase or at […]

What Can you Do in 3 Weeks?

Three weeks, twenty-one days. How much can you improve your fitness in three weeks? If you gave yourself a three-week training camp, how many more watts would you produce at the end of it? How much fitter would you become? How much body fat would you lose? How much could your bike handling skills improve? […]


BY PCG MASTER COACH BJ BASHAM Finding a cycling coach that’s right for you can be a daunting task. For some athletes, it’s like choosing a dentist or car mechanic; for others, it’s more like looking for a spouse. You want to find someone you can trust will have your best interests in mind, someone […]

Hunter Talks Watts and Gravel!

New POWER podcast for Gravelers! Hunter starts around 29:30! Wow! All we can say after listening to this podcast–this is why Hunter Allen is Hunter Allen. The Godfather of Watts! A must listen if you are training or racing with power for the 2020 gravel season! How is power different on gravel than road? How […]

5 Favorite Coaching Tips from 5 Coaches

Jill Patterson Alexandria, VA — Coaching Focus: Cycling – Road – Gravel – Racing 1.  Be consistently inconsistent:  try to train at least 4 days a week to see improvements…but don’t do the same thing all the time and expect to get better!  Mix up your training on a regular basis to create new stimulus to […]

What is a match?

It’s no secret that gravel racing requires burning of plenty of matches. Selene Yeager’s new book Gravel features some crucial discussion from Hunter on the nature of a “match.” Peaks Coaching Group is leading the premier East Coast Gravel Camp with Selene Yeager this Spring–where match burning and many other topics will be discussed on […]