How Good Is Your Short Game?

By PCG Founder & Coach Hunter Allen We often train for longer races and endurance events lasting many hours—even days—but it’s rare that we train or do short races like a prologue or an uphill time trial. These essential competitions seem to be in short supply throughout the good ol’ USA, and I wish we had […]

Elevation and Racing

By PCG Founder & Coach Hunter Allen Riding at elevation is always a challenge, regardless of whether you live there and deal with it every day or whether you’re a sea-level rider who gets the privilege of higher riding only once in a while. It requires adjustments to our training, including the types of intervals […]

Recovery Nutrition

By PCG Nutritionist As an athlete, you make the time to train.  You train hard and you race hard at your events.  This deserves major kudos to you for your accomplishments this season, as well as for all of your accomplishments as an athlete.   You may be aware of how your nutrition affects your […]

Recovery is Training Too

By PCG Coach David Ertl The 2019 training and racing season is under way, and so is your training.  You are accumulating miles, hours in the saddle, and loads of training stress score (TSS) numbers. Your fitness is increasing, and you are getting stronger and faster.  You are also getting more fatigued.  As a coach, I […]

Three Keys to Improving Your Sprint

By PCG Coach Charles Gary Hoffman Old school thinking: Either you have it or you do not, either you are a sprinter or you are not.  Sprinters are born. Pure sprinters are endowed with fast twitch fibers. And if you do not, and you are not, you might as well forget it—and you’ll never win […]

How to Calculate Your Own VO2Max

By PCG Coach Chris Myers As every cyclist and coach knows, training with power is the gold standard. What many do not know, however, is that it can tell us much more than just training zones. We can use the information gathered through field testing to calculate a cyclist’s VO2Max.  The beauty of this concept is […]