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Verve Cycling

Verve Cycling designs and builds innovative bike parts for the road cyclist. What makes Verve bike components stand out from the crowd is their real-world accuracy and reliability. At Verve, we strongly believe this is the key innovation for efficient and rewarding cycling training and bike performance.

Our first bike parts product is the new-generation InfoCrank cycling power meter. It’s a fresh new crankset design with an integrated power meter built with the latest materials science, fabrication methods, and communication technology. InfoCrank is built for the road cyclist for day-in, day-out usage, in all weather conditions. It exactly measures the load in left and right legs, separately. There’s no guessing, no mathematical derivation: just precise measurement. Our bike crank delivers unsurpassed accuracy every time, all the time. You can always trust the numbers. That’s what you need when your goal is to truly improve your bike performance. We believe it’s the best cycling power meter on the market today.

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Showing all 2 results