Help! My FTP Won’t Go Up!

We receive this concern several times a week from non-PCG athletes who are either on the training-app hamster wheel or have hit some other form of the self-coaching plateau. Our answer to both? A PCG coach. Read on to learn the crucial method as to how a PCG coach thinks in tackling this all-too-common problem. […]

3 thoughts on “Help! My FTP Won’t Go Up!

  1. Great article…makes perfect sense!
    Was wondering if Peaks Coaching Group has any experience with cyclists who are undergoing treatment for Prostate Cancer…I am 54 years old and starting radiation and hormone therapy. I have been cycling for years and don’t want to loose my fitness over the course of the treatments, are there any coaches who have worked with athletes for a situation like this?

    • Hello Peter! Thanks for the reply! Yes, we certainly can help, and we’ll reach out to you ASAP.

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