hunter allen interviewed about watts and gravel

Hunter Talks Watts and Gravel!

New POWER podcast for Gravelers! Hunter starts around 29:30!

Wow! All we can say after listening to this podcast–this is why Hunter Allen is Hunter Allen. The Godfather of Watts! A must listen if you are training or racing with power for the 2020 gravel season!

  • How is power different on gravel than road?
  • How do we actually produce power?
  • How does cadence compare between gravel and road?
  • Why is the above all so important for gravel power riders?
  • How should roadies travel from gravel?
  • How are tractor pulls crucial to gravel training?
  • Details of April 1 – 5 with Selene Yeager
  • Why test your 1-minute and 5-minute?
  • What is the best power meter for gravel?
  • How do you start power training on a budget?
  • Single-sided power meters?
  • Thoughts on overtraining? Mental or physical?
  • Functional overreaching vs nonfunctional overreaching

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