Not Ready for Coaching? Consider Consulting!

Almost every day we talk to potential clients about training plans. Virtues, vices and the inevitable (best-case-scenario) self-coaching plateau.  Today, there are so many platforms running training plans that they can be quite an attractive option.  While some can be excellent in building consistency and periodized structure into your daily routine–training plans–even our podium-winning plans–have several pitfalls. 

Chiefly–a training plan is not a coach.  

A good coach will look at your time to train, age, life factors, current fitness and your goals–and design a custom plan accordingly (just to mention a few of the things that a good coach can accomplish!).  Training plans are at best an estimation.

Many of our clients are not ready for a coach, so we offer a fantastic solution:  consulting paired with the best training plans on the planet.

Basically, you have the option to hire a PCG Coach as a consultant for one hour ($125).  The consultant examines your data, your goals, your current fitness and your time to train, and then, suggests a training plan(s) to get you to your peak event.  Once you purchase the plan, the consultant can make plan corrections based on your goals and fitness as part of the initial one-hour of consulting.

Then, if later corrections need to happen (which is often the case), you can rehire that consultant to make adjustments to the plan.

To restate in another way:

  1. Visit payment portal ($125)
  2. PCG coach reviews your data and goals
  3. PCG coach recommends a plan
  4. You purchase the plan on  The plan will come with instructions on how to load into TrainingPeaks and ZWIFT.
  5. PCG coach adjusts plan in Training Peaks according to your goals and life factors.

And # 6 is the most important–train with confidence!

Contact us for more information!  We would love to have you speak to one of our expert consultants!