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13 to 18 hours

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  • Tour of the Battenkill 8 Weeks Advanced is an 8 week plan designed for the Cyclist who trains with power, HR (Heart Rate), or RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and can train 13:45-18:45 total hours per week (excluding Rest Weeks). You will need to be able to devote up to 10:00 hours of training on your weekends.

    TOB is one of the more unique events in the US in terms of its demands. You are going to have to be ready for VO2 efforts on the gravel, big gear work, hard accelerations, and of course you’ll need the threshold power and muscular endurance to get you to the finish line in the front group. This plan was designed taking all of these unique demands into account and it will prepare you for a top performance.

  • This 12 week plan is made for the advanced rider who is preparing for an event in the Gran Fondo National Championship Series. This plan focuses on all around fitness. This plan works really well for the Gran Fondo Florida, but again, can be used for all of the Gran Fondos in the series.

    This plan is comprehensive and is built on hundreds of hours of power analysis, race comparisons, data capture and past successes of the athletes I have coached.

Showing all 2 results