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  • Nutrition is often a limiting factor in performance for many hard-working athletes, but it is as important to your success as good coaching and training. While healthy eating and overall energy intake is important, the timing and composition of intake is crucial in order to perform and recover to your best ability. Factors that can influence optimal nutrition intake include the specific demands of your sport, your body composition and fitness level, the duration and intensity of your workouts, the timing of your workouts, and your lifestyle and workload outside of training. Small, specific changes to your nutrition strategy can offer large rewards in your training program and race performance.

  • Simplifying Weight Loss is a true getting started guide to reaching your ideal body composition. The ~20 page eBook will guide you through appropriate goal setting and preparation (kitchen pantry and refrigerator makeover and mental prep). It will also help you determine your energy and macronutrient needs to support your training as well as fat loss. Finally, the guide will also offer helpful tips and tricks as well as sample meals and snacks. One-on-one support is also available from our nutrition coaches for an additional cost through Peaks Coaching Group.

  • Coach Chris Myers introduces and explains the benefits of strength training for triathletes and launch the new PCG eBook that focuses on exercises that will help your cycling, running, and swimming through the use of suspension, body weight, plyometric, and mobility exercises. These exercises are designed to be completed with only a few props, making this convenient for doing at home or at the gym.

Showing all 3 results