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Hunter Allen has made incredible training plans for all levels of riders.  If you want to crush all 3 days, or just survive 1 of the days, Hunter has created specific training plans for each of the rides.  These will prepare you to the demands of your ride and at a great price!   These are 5 and 10 week long plans!   Each plan is delivered into www.TrainingPeaks.com and if you do not have an account, it’s easy to create one and it’s free.  Once you purchase the plan, you will receive an instruction sheet on how to download your plan and use it.


Bicycle Across South Carolina- 5 week Advanced plan, Long Ride

This plan is made for the rider that wants to ride the Long route faster and be near the front of the pack.   This rider regularly rides, has done many events like this and can easily finish each day, but wants to take it to the next level.   You need 6-10 hours a week to complete this plan along with a desire to finish the ride! You will be challenged with some tough workouts and rides on the weekends, but we promise you, that if you do this plan, you’ll be ready!   Hunter Allen, CEO/Founder of the Peaks Coaching Group is your coach along the way and he designed this plan with all of the years of experience that goes into each of his custom plans built for riders of all levels.

With tips along the way, workouts to challenge you and keep you motivated, you’ll arrive at the event ready to easily survive the challenge!

This plan is written so that you can train with a power meter, a heart rate monitor or just by your RPE (rate of perceived exertion).

Hunter Allen, former pro cyclist, co-Founder of Training Peaks and WKO, co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter and Cutting-Edge Cycling and Founder and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group. The Workouts included in these pioneering and ruthlessly vetted Training Plans are the same Workouts that Hunter uses with his own Clients. Battle tested and podium approved.

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Bicycle Across South Carolina

Bicycle Across South Carolina (BASC) is a multi-day gravel ride that takes participants off the road and onto the scenic trails of South Carolina. Riders will experience the adventure of a lifetime as they explore off-the-grid trails, camp under an endless country sky, and engage with a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

With long and short route options each day, this ride is designed for adventure seekers of all skill levels. Daily mileage ranges from 20 – 60 miles with full medical and mechanical support each day. 3-day, 2-day, and 1-day ride options are available.


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