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Bronze Coaching

Bronze Coaching

(18 customer reviews)


Are you aiming for your first big event or want to step up your training with a custom plan from one of our incredible coaches? Our bronze-level coaching can get you started. Your monthly plan will be built around your schedule, fitness level determined by your heart rate or power and goals, and it will be available online for your review at any time. This customized plan will help you get to the peak of your fitness just in time for your big race or event!   Made for athletes that are new to the sport or for those that just do not want or need much attention from their coach.


You’ll kick off your coaching with a presentation from your coach that includes:
  • Personal history, past training, and future goals
  • Fitness testing to determine Power training and heart rate zones.
  • Power diagnosis and training analysis using the latest in Power Training Principles.
Your coach package includes the following:
  • Custom training plan built for you, and personalized exactly to you.
  • Workouts emailed to you daily and available for online review at any time. (Available in the TrainingPeaks application )
  • 1 interactive data session or call (up to 30 minutes) once per month to review and revise your custom training plan.
  • 1 training plan revision per month if needed.
  • 8 emails/texts per month.
As a PCG athlete, you also receive the following VIP discounts:
  • 10% discount on select store products.
  • Nutrition eBook and 2-week meal plan available for a discounted cost of $19.95
  • $75 discount on week-long training camps
The monthly cost:
The monthly cost for bronze-level custom coaching is $189.  Your first payment will include a 1-time start-up fee of $39 in addition to your first month’s coaching fee.

FORMS & POLICIES: Before coaching services can begin, please fill out the QuickStart form and the PCG policies.

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18 reviews

  1. PCG Client

    A great value!
    I was a little skeptical. I thought it was a little bit expensive & didn’t see myself using it long term. But the experience has proven to be something I greatly value. I love my coach! James Schaefer is also a Masters cyclist . He understands my needs as an older rider. He has a wealth of experience & knowledge which has proved to be a great resource. He is very accessible to answer any questions or debrief a workout/race. He has provided encouragement .There have been a couple of times where I’ve received a text of encouragement in the morning on race day. I love having a workout schedule specifically designed for me & my improvement. It takes the guess work out & adds variety which I lacked & was stunting my improvement. I enjoy statistics so I value the dashboard where I have my ride stats accessible. It allows me to see my improvement through numbers. All in all I have learned more about cycling & training in the last 6-months then I learned in my previous 30 years of cycling.

  2. PCG Client

    2013 was my first full year of training and racing with a power meter and using the coaching services of Peaks Coaching Group Bronze Coaching. This being the first time I have used a coach, I can’t say enough great things about Coach L. First off my relationship and communication with Coach L is excellent, she pays attention to what your needs and goals are and lays out a plan for you that works. I have learned many things about myself this year with Coach L and increased my fitness.

    1. How important my state of mind and attitude is to racing.
    2. Training harder in less time.
    3. Resting more and feeling more refreshed this year
    4. Increased my power by 40 watts this year
    5. I was able to train on my own without group rides all the time

    I can’t thank you enough Coach L for teaching me to train smarter and become a stronger rider!

  3. Barry Norman

    Bronze Coaching Level Review

    I have been extremely pleased with my coach, Bill McLaughlin, and the level of coaching I receive. From 2000-2004 and 6 months in 2010 I was a customer of one of your competitors. The famous one out of Colorado Springs:) I had their lower level coaching package too but it was not nearly as comprehensive as yours is. Bill is very energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He even put together a very nice power point presentation showing me where I need to improve and how we’re going to do that and meet my goals. I was a bit skeptical at first before making the decision to use The Coaching Peaks Group as my monthly investment takes a healthy bite out of my meager budget. However, I can’t be happier with my decision to use your services.


    Barry Norman

  4. PCG Client

    Randy (Gaffney) is great. I didn’t realize how much you could get out of a cycling coach (Randy is the first coach I have had). He’s spent a lot of time with me this season and I had a lot of success. I am looking forward to working with him to maintain my cycling fitness over the ski season and setting goals for the 2015 road season.

  5. Valerie Nelson

    I can’t say enough about coaching and the Peaks Training Program. Lisa’s knowledge and the way she applies it has changed my training and life forever. The TrainingPeaks software is easy to use even for a technically challenged person like me. Lisa is able to ease the physical struggle and mental challenges of endurance training with her positive, encouraging personality. It is a true skill to bring athletes to a higher level by overcoming both athletic and intellectual demands. – Valerie Nelson

  6. PCG Client

    Mid pack to racing in the front!
    Not having a coach prior to this I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as fitness or power gains. I have been blown away by what Christian (Sheridan) has done so far and how much he listens and modifies things when needed. I never expected the type of power gains I would have this fast. I have gone from riding mid pack to racing in the front in just a few short months! Christians understanding of Cyclocross has been a huge bonus as well.

  7. PCG Client

    Excellent services all the way!
    I have nothing but praise for David (Tonello): I look forward to and enjoy the bike and strength workouts. I now clearly see differences in speed, power and stamina. Endurance too has come a long way. I also love the suggestions and/or recommendations David has given in performing certain workouts. David understands and we’ve managed to work through my hectic work schedule.

  8. PCG Client

    Progressing quickly!
    Everything has been great, and I’m really enjoying working with Joe (Hydrick). He’s helping me progress more quickly than I could have imagined. He’s also great at staying in touch and responding to my questions.

  9. PCG Client

    All my expectations have been exceeded
    Bill (McLaughlin) communicates with me MUCH better than one of your Colorado competitors I was using several years ago. I know Bill reviews my workouts because he will email me with an encouraging comment from time to time with specific notes about the ride that day. I really don’t know what I could say to improve your coaching service. All my expectations have been exceeded. I almost signed back up with CTS but after a great deal of thought I decided to give Peaks Coaching a try. I’m very, very happy with the decision I made!

  10. PCG Client

    I am very much impressed with my experience!
    I think the strength of the coaching service is the personal touch: Answering questions, making recommendations, encouraging texts & emails, etc. In October I was actually able to ride in a Gran Fondo with James (Schaefer). James not only hosted me and my wife in his home, but he also rode with me in a pre-race ride (Training tips) On the start line he said to me, “What would you like me to do for you? I’m riding this race for you?” Like I said, personal touch! Can’t beat it! I am very much impressed with my experience! I have improved as a cyclist, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  11. PCG Client

    Great value
    Joe (Hydrick) does a great job of keeping in touch and of keeping me focused. I couldn’t ask for anything more from my training and coach. It’s a great relationship, and I value all the info and feedback I’m receiving.

  12. PCG Client

    I’ve been extremely happy with Bill (McLaughlin). The proof will be in the results I suppose but what limited outdoor time I’ve had has me going faster with less perceived effort than ever before. When I was sick as a dog a week ago, Bill did a quick re-factor of my workouts to compensate and it seems perfectly on point. I wish I had contracted a coach 10 years ago when I had the time to be truly fast but wasted it with junk miles and haphazard ‘training’.

  13. PCG Client

    Works around me
    Mike (Daubenspeck) has been able to create a plan that is showing great result despite my busy work agenda. I’m learning how to create the necessary adaptation to achieve significant results without compromising joy, fun, and family.

  14. PCG Client

    Well worth the investment
    I’m very pleased with the coaching I’m receiving from Bill McLaughlin. He and I hit it off from the first day. Coaching aside Bill really cares about my well-being and I consider him a personal friend as well as my coach. Regarding training; I had taken a 4 year layoff from cycling so the summer of 2014 was a new beginning for me. I think every cyclist wants to be stronger and I’m no different.

    I’m a former CTS client from many years ago. I always felt like I was a nuisance to my coach when I had a question and I never felt like he had a clear understanding of my issues. Basically I hit a plateau and never maintained or matched the fitness I had the first year with them. It was definitely a business relationship and not as friendly and open. I know your coaches are not therapists but life events do happen and they physically affect you.

    My budget is very tight but the money I spend with Peaks is well, well worth the investment.

  15. PCG Client

    Couldn’t be happier
    I couldn’t be happier with my coach experience with James (Schaefer). He is knowledgeable, accessible, encouraging, thorough, a great resource, great communicator. I feel as though he truly cares about me and my cycling growth…even as a 56-year-old athlete. I have definitely experienced improvement as a cyclist. At 56 I am riding faster than at any point in my life, especially over distances. I have always been in great shape as a cyclist, marathoner, basketball, and racquet sports participant, but I’ve always lacked the science and knowledge of training wisely. James has provided that!

  16. Michael Mallone

    Bronze Level Coaching
    I am just starting with a coach and am new to power meters so I have a lot to learn. So far I am very pleased. Michael Mallone

  17. PCG Client

    Love the emphasis on communication and testing
    David (Ertl) has coached me through the loss of 50 pounds (25% of my body weight). A year later he coached me back from double total knee arthroplasties (10/14 and 11/14) and I’m now stronger than before the surgeries. David is an amazing coach who coaches, without “bossing”, riders to be the best that they can be! I tell my friends that while coaching isn’t cheap, it’s not much more than a new set of wheels – and there’s no question that a year of coaching will make a MUCH larger impact on their riding than those new wheels. I had some reservations about the conversion from David’s old coaching group to Peaks. I’m now absolutely in love with the Peaks emphasis on communication and testing. GREAT!

  18. Jim Long

    Worth Every Penny
    The coaching I get with David Sellars is worth every penny and drop of sweat that I have invested. He is excellent, knowledgeable, and professional in his coaching. I could not be more satisfied and appreciative for all he does for me.

    That also goes for all the Peaks staff as well. I recently attended the Beginner Racer Program which was an informative and worthwhile weekend of training, teaching, and racing. From Kate and Shirleyann, to Sherman, and Hunter himself, Peaks is a top-notch organization in all they do.
    Even though David and I have just started working together, I have already achieved several of my goals, including 3 top-tens in three out of four road road races and criteriums in my first season of racing.
    I also lost 15# during the Peaks Nutrition Challenge which means I am back to my high school weight of 139# at 47 years old!

    Keep up the great work guys! – Jim Long

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