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Bronze Level Multi-Sport Coaching

Bronze Level Multi-Sport Coaching


Are you aiming for your first big event or want to step up your training? Our bronze-level coaching can get you started. Your monthly plan will be built around your schedule, fitness level, and goals, and it will be available online for your review at any time. This customized plan will help you get to the peak of your fitness just in time for your big race or event!


You’ll kick off your coaching with a presentation from your coach that includes:
  • Personal history, past training, and future goals
  • Fitness testing to determine power training and zones
Your coach package includes the following:
  • Custom training plan( Available in the TrainingPeaks application )
  • Workouts emailed to you daily and available for online review at any time
  • FREE premium TrainingPeaks account after the completion of your current subscription
  • Training plan reviews via phone calls, online meeting, or Skype
  • 1 interactive data session or call (up to 30 minutes) once per month to review and revise your custom training plan.
  • 1 training plan revision per month if needed
  • 8 emails/texts per month
As a PCG athlete, you also receive the following VIP discounts:
  • 10% discount on select store products
  • Nutrition eBook and 2 week meal plan available for a discounted cost of $19.95
  • $75 discount on week-long training camps
The Monthly Cost:
The monthly cost for bronze-level custom coaching is $239 for multi-sport. Your first payment will include a 1 time start-up fee of $39 in addition to your first month’s coaching fee.
FORMS & POLICIES: Before coaching services can begin, please fill out the QuickStart form and  the PCG policies.

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