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Draft Legal Triathlon 8 Weeks Beginner

Draft Legal Triathlon 8 Weeks Beginner


Written by Hunter Allen

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This plan is for the Beginner Draft Legal Triathlon competitor. The focus of this 8 week program is on the different demands you will see regarding cycling in a draft legal triathlon verses a standard triathlon. I have spent time looking into the different demands on the cycling end between draft legal and your standard triathlon and this plan puts those findings into a plan for you. Compared to a standard triathlon plan, you will see more cycling and focuses on different zones. In order to get the most of your draft legal plan, make sure you follow the plan day by day and push through those double days! This 8 week program will prepare you for any draft legal triathlon and will have you ready to create your best performance! Good luck! Hunter!

Sample Workouts:

Workout #1: Custom

Welcome to your beginner draft legal training plan! Today is going to be an easy day, just riding and getting ready for the week ahead: WU: 15 minutes MS: 1 hour at endurance pace. CD: 15 minutes

Workout #2: Run

Tempo. Warm up and then 30 minutes zone 3 heart rate continuous. Mostly flat. Heart rate will fall on downhills–that’s OK.

Workout #3: Swim

WU: 100 drill, 50 kick, 100 drill, 50 kick. MS: 500 at T-pace. CD: 100 drill. 50 kick easy. 100 swim good form. Total—1050

Workout #4: Bike

WU:15 minutes steady at L2 Endurance MS: Then do 2×15 minutes at Sweet Spot (88-93% FTP). Rest for 5 minutes easy between each at L2 Endurance. Then finish with 20 minutes at L3 Tempo. CD: 15 minutes at 1 Active Recovery.

Workout #5: Bike

WU: 15 minutes at L2 Endurance MS: Spin on the trainer with 10 fast pedals for 1 minute each at L3 Tempo. Cadence over 100rpm, rest one minute between each. Also get in 2 x10 at Sub LT, Lower L4 Lactate Threshold (90-95% FTP) for 5 minutes between each at L2 Endurance. CD: 10 minutes at L1 Active Recovery

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