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Gold Coaching

Gold Coaching

(18 customer reviews)


The gold-level plan is designed for serious athletes who want to challenge themselves. At this level of coaching the communication is what will really make the difference between finishing with the pack and standing on the podium. Your plan will be carefully designed around your personal power and power duration curve to give you that extra advantage.


You’ll kick off your coaching with a presentation from your coach that includes:

  • Personal history, past training, and future goals.
  • Power profile and Power Duration Curve Analysis along with a full analysis of your existing data using TrainingPeaks WKO software
  • Power diagnosis and training analysis using the latest in Power Training Principles.
  • Fitness testing to determine power training zones and if you need customized zones. 
Your coach package includes the following:
  • Custom training plan built for you, personalized and made for you. 
  • Workouts emailed to you daily via the TrainingPeaks software and available for review at any time and on the phone app.
  • Free premium TrainingPeaks account after the completion of your current subscription.
  • 2 Online Meetings per month to analyze your current data, understand at a deeper level your workouts, the intervals, how they align with the planned workout and then ensure that you are reaching your goals at the macro-level.  Is your Performance Manager Chart moving in the right direction!   Your coach will also review your upcoming training and ensure that you understand how to execute the workouts correctly. 
  • 1 training plan review call per month, up to 60 minutes.
  • 3 training plan revisions per month as needed.
  • Unlimited emails/texts per month
As a PCG athlete, you also receive the following VIP discounts:
  • 20% discount on select store products
  • Free nutrition eBook and 2-week meal plan
  • $150 discount on week-long camps

Payment Information:

  • The monthly charge for gold-level coaching is $349. Your first payment will include a 1-time start-up fee of $99 and your first month’s coaching fee.

FORMS & POLICIES: Before coaching services can begin, please fill out the QuickStart form and read the PCG policies.

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18 reviews

  1. Thomas Kiser

    Going well
    I have been pleased with the level of attention, knowledge of the coach, and general support provided through my coaching service. It is still early, (really only 2-3 weeks into service now), so will have more to add after 2-3 month mark. Thumbs up at present however! – Thomas Kiser

  2. Torleif Solli

    Gold Level Cycling Coach
    I started with a coach in Jan.2014. Was met with a nice representative that helped me select my coach. and she hit the nail. Great coach that really follows me and inspires me. I really looking forward to keep working with the coach! great Service! 🙂

  3. Lark Elliott

    Wonderful experience
    I am in sixth month of working with a Peaks coach and it has been a great experience. I have gone from being a totally new cyclist to the podium in this short time! Best of all, my coach has been good about exposing me to new aspects of cycling only when she thinks that I am ready and capable.

  4. PCG Client

    Exactly what I was looking for
    I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for connecting me with Chris (Meyers). He is so good and exactly what I was looking for in a coach. He reviews the uploaded data/notes and plans my workouts accordingly as illustrated in his weekly presentation. His communication is clear and concise. In addition, he is punctual with meeting days and times. I am very happy and just wanted to make sure you and the owner were aware. He really is fantastic and a great asset to your team.

  5. PCG Client

    Excellent Coach!
    I really enjoyed working with Randy Gaffney as my coach. His knowledge of cycling combined with an exceptional ability to communicate and, more important, to listen to my concerns, made it a pleasure to train with him. In addition he understands how to work with older athletes, I am 65.

  6. PCG Client

    Organized and professional!
    Working with PCG and Hunter Allen has taken my training to the next level. Through their analysis of power I now have the know-how and confidence to train at my best and perform well during target races.

    Working with Hunter I never have to question the workouts I am doing because I have 100 percent confidence that every workout has a deliberate, considered reason behind it. I am confident that I am where I should be at all times and am doing what I need to do.

    PCG is the most organized and professional coaching group I have ever worked with. I always get quick responses when I have questions, quality and focused workouts, and one-on-one attention

  7. PCG Client

    Definitely would recommend
    Randy Gaffney has been a terrific coach for me. He understands that I am an older, non-competitive cyclist, and does a great job of getting me ready for my major events during the year and keeping me motivated.

  8. PCG Client

    HIGHLY recommend!
    Sam has a style that fits mine. It’s not so clinical in approach and not just raw numbers. He takes the effort and applies it to race situations so that when that particular power profile happens in a race it’s not foreign to me. This helps me stay motivated because I know that the workouts I’m doing are applicable in the real world. I’ve never gotten off the phone with Sam and not been in a better place mentally. His energy is tremendous and contagious. Encouraging text and email is constant.

  9. PCG Client

    I’ve become the guy to beat!
    I can’t say enough positive things about Coach Steve (McGregor). He took me from being a garbage rider to being the guy to beat (besides Olheiser) in time trials in the southeast region. He also got me on the podium at Masters nationals. He managed my training brilliant during a move, a job change, and a couple of health setbacks. He is the man.

  10. PCG Client

    I especially love Marianne’s emails after my workouts. She knows when I’ve worked really hard and is always encouraging. She doesn’t just give platitudes like good job etc. but really looks at what you did and specifically notes things that maybe I did not even realize myself. Marianne is awesome! We love her. She has brought a whole new level of fun to workouts.

  11. PCG Client

    Highly impressed
    I have been SO impressed by Gordy’s power training knowledge and coaching ability. He accurately identified my areas of weaknesses and strength and came up with a comprehensive plan to improve my performance based on that analysis. Gordy’s workouts are very detailed with all goals and targets clearly spelled out. They are also very well designed for helping me overcome weaknesses and accentuating my strengths, both of which are critical to helping me achieve my goals. Gordy (Paulson) is an excellent communicator and an even better encourager.

  12. PCG Client

    Amazing experience!
    If I were to search for one thing that’s either missing or somehow below my expectations, I’d come up empty…completely empty. Chris (Myers) is usually back to me in a matter of minutes, and certainly within the hour. Not quite sure how he does it, but I feel as though I’m the only guy in the planet he’s working with….it’s an amazing experience! When I am disappointed with myself or the performance on a particular workout, he’s there immediately to let me know we’re on track, that my training load is doing what it’s supposed to do (find my limits) so that he can better train me in the next workout and the next block. My goal is to get the absolute best out of me; his goal is to help me define my best, then stretch for even more.

  13. PCG Client

    Quite Pleased
    I’m quite pleased with Coach Gordy’s understanding of the older athlete me. Training assignments challenge me always but are not impossible, forcing me to reach but not break. Careful with any body issues. Extremely knowledgeable about all areas of cycling. Can always rely on good info from Gordy and guidance.

  14. PCG Client

    I should have done this sooner!

    Everything is going well…My coach is watching my training calendar and dialing in my nutrition to match the needs. She sends emails if she has questions about comments I may have made about how I feel on a particular day or if a workout went well or not. I should have done this sooner.

  15. PCG Client

    A real learning experience
    Marianne was great and this was a real learning experience for me. Not just training. But also how much I can commit to the bike (52, MD, husband and dad, not a bike racer really). She had to keep me near, but not over, my limit. That was not easy. Coach is a better investment than expensive carbon whatever.

  16. PCG Client

    Highly recommend this service
    Sam is straight up and always goes back to the actual data. I get the feeling Sam knows people better than they know themselves and can pace you into where you need to be before inventing goals that could be nonsense. A characteristic of mine is to trust experts once they demonstrate expertise. Sam is an expert.

  17. PCG Client

    The personal touch
    I like how often my coach Gordy (Paulson) “checks-in” and asks how things are going. It is obvious he is trying to constantly improve and thus the need for lot’s of feedback from his athletes. The communications I get all have a personal touch to them and I truly appreciate that. It makes me feel that my success is important to Gordy. Everyone is super friendly, encouraging, and upbeat. That’s important. I have also starting watching your webinars…. great stuff. I appreciate the fact that you guys stay up on what’s cutting edge with regard to nutrition, coaching, etc. It is good to be able to trust that you have done your homework and only offer the best products and services.

  18. PCG Client

    Highly satisfied
    Karen (Mackin) takes our weekly call very seriously and has, on a number of occasions, called while travelling and on vacation. This is massively appreciated. Karen has been great to work with – I enjoy the weekly call and review of workouts, and also appreciate the manner in which she keeps all my goals in mind (athletic and non) in formulating my ATP. She is very knowledgeable indeed.

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