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Gold Level Multi-Sport Coaching

Gold Level Multi-Sport Coaching


The gold-level plan is designed for serious triathletes who want to challenge themselves. At this level of coaching the communication is what will really make the difference between finishing with the pack and standing on the podium. Your plan will be carefully designed around your personal power and fatigue profile to give you that extra advantage.


You’ll kick off your coaching with a presentation from your coach that includes:
  • Personal history, past training, and future goals
  • Power profile and fatigue profile analysis
  • Power diagnosis and training analysis
  • Fitness testing to determine power training and zones
Your coach package includes the following:
  • Custom training plan
  • Workouts emailed to you daily and available for review at any time
  • Free premium TrainingPeaks account after the completion of your current subscription
  • Training plan reviews via phone calls, online meeting, or Skype
  • 4 training plan review calls per month, up to 30 minutes each
  • 4 training plan revisions per month as needed
  • Unlimited emails/texts per month
As a PCG athlete, you also receive the following VIP discounts:
  • 20% discount on select store products
  • Free nutrition eBook and 2 week meal plan
  • $150 discount on week-long camps
The monthly cost:
The monthly charge for gold-level coaching is $399 for multi-sport. Your first payment will include a 1 time start-up fee of $99 and your first month’s coaching fee.

FORMS & POLICIES: Before coaching services can begin, please fill out the QuickStart form and read the PCG policies.

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