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Silver Coaching

Silver Coaching

(12 customer reviews)


The silver-level plan is designed for the athlete who wants to ratchet up their level of training and has specific training goals in mind. At the silver level we offer you more input, interaction, and communication with your coach, resulting in a more concise and focused program. Your coach will custom design a training plan and get you ready for your next big event or race.
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The silver-level plan is designed for the athlete who wants to ratchet up their level of training and has specific training goals in mind.
You’ll kick off your coaching with a presentation from your coach that includes:
  • Personal history, past training, and future goals
  • Power profile and Power Duration Curve Analysis
  • Power diagnosis and training analysis using the latest in Power Training Principles.
  • Fitness testing to determine power training zones and if you need Customized zones.
Your coach package includes the following:
  • Custom training plan
  • Workouts emailed to you daily and available for review at any time.
  • Free premium TrainingPeaks account after the completion of your current subscription.
  • 1 Online meeting per month to analyze your current data, understand at micro and macro level, review your training plan and to make any adjustments.
  • 1 Training plan review call per month, up to 45 minutes.
  • 2 training plan revisions per month as needed.
  • 20 emails/texts per month.
As a PCG athlete, you also receive the following VIP discounts:
  • 15% discount on select store products.
  • Nutrition eBook and 2 -week meal plan for a discounted cost of $9.95
  • $100 discount on week-long camps
The monthly cost:
The monthly charge for silver-level coaching is $249. Your first payment will include a 1-time start-up fee of $99 and your first month’s coaching fee.
FORMS & POLICIES: Before coaching services can begin, please fill out the QuickStart form and the PCG policies.

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12 reviews

  1. Brandon Boutelle

    Outstanding Customer Service
    Just started with PCG, but so far the staff could not have been more helpful in getting me set up with the best coach. Very pleased with their time and personalized attention

  2. PCG Client

    100% happy – I’m really happy, and my rate is 5 stars, each person who attended me were thoughtful, gave me accurate information. I am 100% happy with coach services.

  3. PCG Client

    Shout out to Sam!
    I wanted to give a shout out for the great coaching I’ve been getting from Sam. I’m a 55 year old cyclist with mountain bike and cyclocross racing experience. In my first year with Peaks Coaching, Sam helped me get my mountain bike racing back to a competitive state, and he coached me to a real break out CX season, taking me from mid/back of the pack to a regular podium finisher in the Mid-Atlantic region. I had an unfortunate injury, literally on the eve of the season finale, and Sam helped me through emotional and fitness recovery so that I was running on all cylinders for the next season.

    Sam gives me a good healthy combination of push, encouragement, reality check, aspiration, and inspiration. It makes training, racing, and living a blast.

  4. PCG Client

    GREAT communication!
    I had NO idea what REAL training was till I started. I bought several books but never reach this level. My Coach is allowing me to go further than I would have ever thought. I never thought my body could do some things and the goal was to find out how far we can take this 50 year old body…So far so good.

  5. PCG Client

    My Coach balances well with my personality. I constantly try to push harder (that’s what’s hindered me….no rest) and he keeps me at a slower, sustainable growth rate. I’M A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!

  6. PCG Client

    For me, what I am getting is perfect
    I am totally satisfied with James (Schaefer) and find him a lovely man to deal with. I have more than achieved what I set out to do in this short period and look forward to my road ahead. I was previously with A1 Coaching and left them due to lack of feedback and my results. I am way ahead of where I was and I have local friend here on A1 and now I am ahead of them in fitness as I compete against them.

  7. PCG Client

    More than satisfied
    I have been so impressed with the level of coaching provided by Gordy (Paulson). He takes the time to review my notes and always has a suggestion based on what I write. My expectations have been more than satisfied.

  8. PCG Client

    My power has increased
    My experience with Aaron (Long) has vastly surpassed my expectations. My power went up about 20% in 4 months

  9. PCG Client

    This is by far the best cycling shape, form and experience I have ever had. My Coach is the main reason as, he took this old 50 year and made him believe, train, enjoy, race and PERFORM!!! Yes, training was hard, but absolutely worth every penny.

  10. PCG Client

    I got what I asked for
    I got what I asked for. I told Peaks Training I wanted results not a cheerleader and it’s clearly working with big gains in FTP 2 yrs. after winning a masters championship. I thought I was topped out at 57 years old, but my coach has relentlessly kept my feet to the fire and drivin me harder……… what I had asked for! I like his no BS approach. Service has been great at every level.

  11. supervisor

    Best investment I’ve made
    The workouts I’m doing now are much more varied and purposeful compared to when I was self training. All communications with David (Ertl) have been very positive. I get prompt useful feedback on workouts and knowing this encourages me to get them done. I am very pleased with the progress I have made in the relatively short time I have been using PCG. In terms of value for money getting a good coach is probably the best investment I’ve made, I just regret not doing it sooner.

  12. Keith Hamilton

    Happy With My Coach!!!
    Excellent, I cannot compliment BJ enough. He makes feedback comments on my comments and share far more things with me than i expected. He is able to delve in to many years of experience and has no issue sharing these with me. I really enjoy working with him. “I am finding that this relationship is a perfect match in terms of what I put in I get x 4 back. BJ is one of those rare people that use stories to relay experiences. By doing this it engages me and I feel part of those experiences.

    I am really happy happy with my coach. i think he thinks I’m ok too 😉 – Keith Hamilton

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