He Creates Winners!

Todd Scheske has been a coach for PCG for nine years and has been an integral part of Peaks Coaching Group’s success. His athletes continue to crush records and win championships! Todd coaches road and track racers and really loves racing on the track himself. This year, his athletes have won so many national championships, it’s hard to put our head around it! If you want to win in 2022, then let’s get you in touch with Todd, as he creates winners!

“No matter what we plan initially, life throws us new challenges, weather, illness, injury, and schedule changes. Champions find a way to overcome!”- Coach Todd Scheske

Todd’s 2021 Personal Accomplishments

  • 2nd place Eastern Regional Championship 500m Open
  • 6th place Eastern Regional Championship Flying 200m
  • 5th Masters National Championship flying 200m, 6th finishing

Todd’s 2021 Athletes Accomplishments

  • Masters Men 2k World Recod
  • Masters Men 1k U.S. Record
  • 1st Place U.S. Elite National Road Champion
  • 1st Place U.S. Elite National Criterium Champion
  • 2nd Place Dominican National Raod Champion
  • 2nd Place 12 hour World Time Trial Championship (50+ AG, 4th overall)
  • 1st Place Master National 2k
  • 1st Place Master National 500TT
  • 6th Place Master National points
  • 6th Place Master National sprint
  • 1st Place Master Men LATOJA Road Race
  • 1st Place Women’s Elite NYS Road Championships
  • 1st Place Men’s Cat 4 NYS Road Champion
  • 1st Place Men’s Cat 3 Criterium Championship
  • 4th Junior Track National Scratch Race 17-18
  • 2 Stage Wins Tour of Panama

Coach Todd’s tips for the going into the off-season and winter!

Going into the off-season

  •     Start planning the big boulders for next year to make sure you address specifics that may need added attention. That includes any equipment changes!
  •      Make sure early in the off season that as a masters age rider you do a hard effort every 10 days. Younger riders… take time away and do some cross training too

Winter Tips

  • Build strength. Incorporate a resistance training program.
  •  Work on efficiency, review where there are gaps and how to mitigate weaknesses.
  •  BASE. BASE. BASE. AS Dr. Coggan says, “It’s an aerobic sprot dammit”. Get those endurance rides in, but don’t race all the time either!