What plans should kick off my CX season?

Here’s how the PCG CX plans are designed:

  • 10 weeks pre-season–to be done 10 weeks before the season’s first race.
  • 8 weeks race season–to be done when the season starts, and planning to peak on the 8th week (Nats or your “A” Race).
  • 18 weeks–the two above combined to save money.
  • 12 weeks–basically 4 weeks BEFORE the season starts, and then the 8 week plan tacked on.

 SO, if you want to start training NOW for Cross, here’s how to plan it:

1) March Start: Begin your “winter” plan now.

  • This plan will re-establish your foundation of fitness after you have taken your break from Cross season.

2) June Start: 8 weeks improve your FTP plan. 

  • This plan will build on your “Winter” plan and prepare you for the official start to CX pre-season. 

3) Fall Start: Depending on when your CX season starts. 

  • If it starts in September, then you should do this plan
  • If it starts in October, then do this plan