women's cycling camp clermont, FL

Women’s Only Clermont, FL Camp! Q&A

By PCG Coach Julie McKenzie

Why a Women’s-Specific Camp?

At coed clinics I’ve asked men “what are you most afraid of“ — answers are typically around looking weak or being dropped.

Women more often show concern for others, with “I’m scared I’ll cause someone else to crash”, or, “I don’t want to slow down the group”. So literally at every women’s clinic once the women swap their stories, we find ourselves in an incredibly supportive and mutually encouraging environment that builds throughout the lessons. 

Why Clermont?

Clermont, FL is known for its gently rolling terrain, extensive bike path system and easy access to rural roads. And while some seasons may get a bit chilly in February, it never snows, and more likely the temperatures will be in the 50s – 80s. Clermont has long been a destination for amateur and professional cyclists and triathletes from all over the world, to base their training in the winter. 

What skills will attendees learns?

Handling techniques, avoiding crashes, pacing efforts, shifting and cadence techniques for the most efficient forward movement of the bike, cornering, drafting, pacelines and echelons, hill climbing and descending, and more! 

Every lady receives individual attention throughout the camp–and will come out a much more efficient and safe rider! 

Why a Power Meter?

Years ago before I owned a power meter, I assumed coaches who insisted on them were just lazy. Boy was I wrong! Not only are we able to prescribe very specific work, but also through analysis we can make direction changes as needed. Literally every athlete who I’ve started on power has been amazed to realize how in efficiently they were using their training time, and were rewarded with huge gains in fitness. 

Learning exactly how and why training with power makes such a difference from Hunter, the man who wrote the book on power, is a fantastic and motivating experience!