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Zwift Insider Interviews Hunter Allen

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If you only arrived on the cycling scene in the past few years, you might be forgiven for taking our many training luxuries for granted. Power meters, in-depth metrics, connected tracking apps, Zwift itself… all of these are readily available today, but were completely inaccessible to the everyday cyclist 20 years ago. 

Hunter Allen is the head coach at Peaks Coaching Group, and he has been on the frontlines helping to develop many of the training tools we use every day. Are you training with a power meter? He literally wrote the book on it (with help from Andrew Coggan and Stephen McGregor). Need metrics to track your training? Hunter helped develop those too (see his story below). Connected apps? Hunter is one of the founders of TrainingPeaks. Zwift? Hunter wrote some of the very first workouts and training plans available in game… to read more!