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Half Ironman Swim 12 Weeks

Half Ironman Swim 12 Weeks


Written by Chris Myers



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This plan is designed for the triathlete who wants to increase their swim volume during the base training part of his training cycling. This 12-week program prescribes the average training time per week of 2.5 – 3.5 hours. Each week will consist of 4 workouts: 2 endurance workouts, 1 workout focused on drills, and 1 workout focused on strength & speed. The athlete will need standard swimming equipment: fins, paddles, kick board, and goggles.


During this first week, you will perform 2 swim tests. With this information, you will be able to calculate your critical swim speed (very similar to your FTP on the bike) and create pacing zones to train different efforts. So, how do you do this? On day one, you will perform two time trials. The first will be a 400 m time and the second will be a 200m time trial. On a completely separate day, you will perform test #2 which is a 1000m time trial. During each of these tests, you will need to record two metrics, your total time and your stroke rate. With this information, you will be able to calculate your pacings. Pacing calculation instructions: CSS = (1000m– 400m – 200m) / (T3 – T2 – T1) Goal: Calculate your threshold pace. Example: CSS = (400m – 200m) / (368 – 180) CSS = 200 / 188 = 1.06 m/s Threshold Pace (CSS) = 100 m / 1.06 m/s = 94s or 1:34 min/100m Zones – % of CSS Zone 1: 75 – 80% Zone 2: 80 – 90% Zone 3: 90 – 100% Zone 4: 100% Zone 5: 100 – 110% Zone 6: 110+%


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