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Epic Time Trial 8 Weeks Masters

Epic Time Trial 8 Weeks Masters


Written by Hunter Allen



This master’s plan is designed for any cyclist or triathlete age 50 older. It takes into account that as we age, our bodies need more rest. This plan goes in a build:rest period of 2 weeks building, one week rest. This training plan is for an athlete that wants to get to a peak performance in a time trial. The time trial can be any distance from 10k to 40k to 1/2 ironman. 8 weeks of specific workouts from 1- 2 hours a day (longer on weekends) designed to help any level of cyclist from beginner to advanced racer. Based on percentages of your threshold wattage, as well as heart rate, and perceived exertion, this plan will coach you to a super performance in a time trial (you can select this plan without knowing your threshold wattage or heart rate, however you will need to take the field test in order to determine your threshold before you start your plan). You will be able to use your power meter or heart rate monitor to the fullest extent with these detailed workouts. Including tips and pacing strategies, this is like having Hunter personally help you on your way to success. An incredible deal for this price, you are going to really be on the fast track with this training plan.


WU: 10-15 minutes working into ENDURANCE (PW Z2 / HR L2 / RPE 2-3) with 3 x 1-minute fast pedals to wake up legs.

Stay in the TT bars as much as you can today!
MS1: FTP Builder Intervals. Complete 2 x 20-minute FTP Intervals in your FTP (PW Z4 / HR L4 / RPE 4-5) , with 5-10 minutes of rest between each interval. Ride all other times at ENDURANCE (PW Z2 / HR L2 / RPE 2-3). 

Terrain: Flat to rolling (or steady, low-grade climb if available). Cadence: 85-105.
CD: 10 minutes of easy spinning in your ACTIVE RECOVERY (PW Z1 / HR L1 / RPE <2).


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