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Olympic Distance Triathlon 12 Weeks

Olympic Distance Triathlon 12 Weeks


Written by Hunter Allen



ATHLETE LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate
TYPE: Triathlon
HOURS: 10-13 hours per week
TARGET RESULTS: To take you through your Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon race season


This plan is for beginner to intermediate triathletes racing Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. The plan will cover 3 months of the athlete’s selected race season (i.e. May/June/July OR June/July/August), and allows for weekend racing customization within the 12 week training block. This plan is for someone with 10 to 13 hours a week to train swimming, cycling and running. Training with a power meter, heart rate or perceived effort will allow the athlete to stay in the correct training zones while preparing for the next triathlon event. Scientific and accurate tapering methods will be used for pre-race workouts and will offer A, B or C options to accommodate for either Saturday or Sunday races, training or rest weekends.


Day 1: Welcome Information & Packet

Day 2: Ride: 45 minutes Tempo, 2×10 FTP – 1:35:00
Swim: 500s Endurance – 0:50:00

Day 3: Run: Step Ups – 0:45:00

Day 4: Swim: 75s Descending – 0:50:00
Run: Long run to build endurance – 0:40:00

Day 5: Ride: Tempo with Bursts, 2×15 – 1:10:00

Day 6: Run: Tempo reps run-walk – 1:30:00

Day 7: Bike: Tempo – 40-60 min – 1:30:00
Swim: Open Water Swimming Preparation – 0:45:00

WEEK TOTALS: Time: 9:35:00
Swim Duration: 2:25:00
Bike Duration: 4:15:00
                         Run Duration: 2:55:00


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