Remember the little stuff.

By BJ BASHAM, PCG Master Coach I have worked with lots of riders in the years that I have been coaching and you can think of riders as being in different phases of their preparation. Everyone can be thought of as being at the bottom of their form, in a growing and improving phase or at […]


BY PCG MASTER COACH BJ BASHAM Finding a cycling coach that’s right for you can be a daunting task. For some athletes, it’s like choosing a dentist or car mechanic; for others, it’s more like looking for a spouse. You want to find someone you can trust will have your best interests in mind, someone […]

Hunter Talks Watts and Gravel!

New POWER podcast for Gravelers! Hunter starts around 29:30! Wow! All we can say after listening to this podcast–this is why Hunter Allen is Hunter Allen. The Godfather of Watts! A must listen if you are training or racing with power for the 2020 gravel season! How is power different on gravel than road? How […]

5 Favorite Coaching Tips from 5 Coaches

Jill Patterson Alexandria, VA — Coaching Focus: Cycling – Road – Gravel – Racing 1.  Be consistently inconsistent:  try to train at least 4 days a week to see improvements…but don’t do the same thing all the time and expect to get better!  Mix up your training on a regular basis to create new stimulus to […]

Hunter Interviewed by the Gravel Ride Podcast!

The Gravel Ride Podcast Interviews Hunter!2020 is going to be a big year for Hunter and gravel! With Selene Yeager participating in PCG’s big April Gravel Camp, it’s going to be extra rockin’! How did Hunter come to gravel? Do watts even matter when it comes to gravel? How does personalized, one-on-one coaching work? What […]


by Jen Sommer-Dirks So you’ve arrived at the week before a race: taper week, with all its perils. You’ve done all the training (in fact, at this point too much training might actually hurt your race), and now you worry about injuries or illness popping up. It can be a frustrating and anxiety-provoking time period, […]

The Power of PCG Camps

by PCG Camper Esther C. 5 days ago I packed my fiat and drove to the Blue Ridge Parkway for an adventure. My adventure was 5 days attending a Cycle Power Camp from Peaks Coaching Group, which was totally out of my comfort zone and exactly what I needed. 5 days was all it took […]

Training with Power versus Heart Rate

By PCG Coach David Ertl Heart rate monitors first came on the cycling scene in the 1980s, allowing us for the first time to train scientifically. Prior to that, we had to train solely by perceived exertion. Heart rate allows us to train at more specific levels of work produced, depending on the physiological system (aerobic, threshold, […]

5 Training Secrets

By PCG Coach David Ertl I am going to let you in on a little secret.  My secrets of coaching.  Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone. But here they are. 1. Ride consistently.  There is no better way to get better riding a bike than to ride frequently. Every day is great if you can manage it, […]