PCG Coach Sarah Wangerin asks Hunter about a pre-race, event-warm-up routine for one of her athletes. (Note: Sarah’s athlete would take 2nd Overall Elite Female in Custer’s Last Stand MTB Race in Ft. Custer, IN) QUESTION: Hi Hunter! My athlete Kristin M. (she is the one who won her Xterra Race back in August) just […]

Ten Simple Tips for Racing as a Team

by PCG Coach BJ BASHAM I was working with a team of riders preparing for an important local race, and as I was writing a pep-talk email, I decided to remind them of all the things we’d been learning the hard way; things we all knew already but were not putting into practice. These things […]

Strength Training for Cyclists

Strength training for cyclists has long been a hot topic of discussion among trainers, coaches, scientists, and athletes themselves. But there have always been three core questions: (1) Is strength training an aerobic exercise? (2) is it cycling-compatible? (3) If so, is it compatible during the same training period? To many, it doesn’t seem logical that a strength-training program (mainly an anaerobic activity) can improve cycling (mainly aerobic).

Racing Weight and Healthy Weight Loss

It’s a diet-obsessed world out there. It’s sad, really, how much our society focuses on looks and thinness. Working in the eating disorder field, I’ve grown to hate the “D” word. But I’m not here to talk about the pitfalls of our society. No, I’m here to talk about finding the balance between managing our […]

Variations on a Theme: CX Threshold Work

Cyclocross is not cancelled! So let’s take it up a notch this year. Many riders know that riding in their sweet spot (88-93% of FTP) is one of the most time-efficient ways to increase FTP, but for cross there are some minor adjustments that can be made to make the workouts even more specific. by […]


It’s not solely watts that win a race, but a whole host of factors, including: strategy, speed, nutrition, hydration, course familiarity, etc.Are you doing all that you can–including building an unassailable FTP foundation–to win your race? When it comes to data analysis, PCG Coaches are the industry standard, but we are also the industry standard […]

Help! My FTP Won’t Go Up!

We receive this concern several times a week from non-PCG athletes who are either on the training-app hamster wheel or have hit some other form of the self-coaching plateau. Our answer to both? A PCG coach. Read on to learn the crucial method as to how a PCG coach thinks in tackling this all-too-common problem. […]

Joseph’s First Gravel Camp

Texan Joseph Nguyen attends his first PCG Gravel Camp. Here is what he has to say! This time last Tuesday morning I was driving to Peaks Coaching Group Gravel Camp in Bedford Virginia. I have been coaching with my PCG coach, Rickey Wray Wilson, for over a year and he recommended that I attend the camp to better […]

Dollar Bills, Bacon, and Beer: Mastering the Extracurricular Skills of Cyclocross (The Hand-up)

Cyclocross racing is different. Apart from the mount/dismount, suitcase carries, step-through dismounts, and bunny hopping, a CX race can present rare and mysterious challenges unlike those of a typical criterium. You’ll need to be prepared. Before you line up for your first CX race, make sure you’re ready for that ‘cross-distinguishing element: the hand-up.