Meet Elite Coach Barry P. Zellmer!

Barry, born in the 60’s started his endurance career as a 9-year old watching the ’72 Summer Olympics in South Eastern Wisconsin. He watched Frank Shorter win gold in the Marathon, and he was hooked. He was so hooked that he went out and ran 5-miles, all the way through high school distance running was his sport. Currently Barry resides in Fletcher, North Carolina with his Siamese cat Mowzer, he trains 10-16 hrs. per week year-round. He has a 2022 Bianchi Oltre XR3, 2021 Canyon Inflite, and a Wahoo KickrBike. Barry’s coaching focuses are road, cyclocross, and gravel cycling.

“What I love about coaching, is getting you to show the discipline and see the real athlete come out in you. Let’s figure out what you want to achieve and if you are committed, I and Peaks Coaching Group will get you there.” -Barry P. Zellmer

How did you get into cycling?

I got into cycling in the spring of 1982. I was 19 working as a mechanic at a Honda Motorcycle dealer, riding a Schwinn Traveler with Ambrosio black wheels. The Tour was on CBS and the big story was how Phil Andersen had taken Yellow from Hinault. Pascal Simone earlier riding with a broken Scapula and having to give up Yellow. It blue my mind how fit they were. They had style, Eric Heiden the whole deal and they shaved their legs! I was hooked. I want to look like that physically.

How did you get into coaching?

I was way nonfunctionally over reached let us just say. Partially from me and a heavy amount on not watching his naive athlete ride into a hole, my Coach. I achieved the main goal of an FTP number goal but unknowingly blew up. I Forest Gumped. On a Training Ride I blew , got off my bike and rarely rode for 2 years. When I got back at it in 2017 I had already had the knowledge of Power Training but could not simply understand the order of training. I researched it, podcasts, books, meanwhile applying these to myself. A Team Member who I knew still had the athlete in her was my first client. Total success story.

What are some of your hobbies?

I was a total committed Moto Cross fan; I raced had good equipment in the 90’s I just dig the Training. It for me is Mindfulness at its best. It sometimes can last for 6 hours on a solo ride. Or I watch GCN with a VPN.

Favorite long-ride fuel, food, snacks?

Long rides here in WNC you need to eat. Your constantly up or down. 3 HRS 2 Big Bottles. Gatorade mix 1 scoop and the other water with a ground up salt tablet. 3- 72 mg Caffeine SIS Gels. 2 100 Calorie Bars.

One of your most memorable moments with an athlete?

Best Moment Coaching have been multiple. When you can connect with a total stranger. They give you this goal they want to achieve and are willing to listen and commit. So, you and this stranger are like best friends in 2 weeks and you see many times this client transforms into a different, more confident person. That is Cool. Or that Crying phone call telling you 1st before anyone else, They Did It!

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