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Plyometrics Training Guide for Cyclists eBook

Plyometrics Training Guide for Cyclists eBook


Hunter Allen &
Neal Shepherd

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This Peaks Coaching Group Plyometrics eBook is made to help you improve your explosive power this season. You can implement these exercises anytime into your season, but it’s best to do in the off-season and plan on a 12 week cycle of work for best gains. This eBook also comes with a training plan to integrate these into your daily/weekly routine. We recommend you do these 2-3x a week for maximum results. These are the Plyometrics that Hunter Allen prescribes to his personal clients when they need to increase their explosive power. Plyometrics help to convert isotonic (weight training) strength into explosive power strength. It’s this “explosive power” strength that will transfer well into on-the-bike power.


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