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Training and Racing for Time Trials Using a Power Meter eBook

Training and Racing for Time Trials Using a Power Meter eBook


Hunter Allen &
Kam Zardouzian

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Hunter Allen, Co-Author of “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” and “Cutting Edge Cycling” partnered with Time Trial expert and coach Kam Zardouzian to offer you valuable insight and know-how for developing a sound training program for time trial racing using a power meter.

Hunter references many of the power training principles he developed with Dr. Andrew R. Coggan and explains them within the context of time trialing. Time Trialing is a highly specific discipline within cycling and there are critical techniques and advanced training sessions you’ll want to know and include into your season. Hunter and Kam cover equipment, aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, training fundamentals all the way to your big day! In this e-book are actual training plans from each coach that athletes can use as a template in constructing their own power-based training programs.


Your 12-Week Training Program
Chapter 1: Time Trial 101
Chapter 2: Equipment and Aerodynamics
Chapter 3: Planning for Success
Chapter 4: Progression & On the bike Training
Chapter 5: Peaking or Coming into Form
Chapter 6: The Concert
Chapter 7: Race Day Strategies
Chapter 8: Putting Together Your Best Effort
Appendix A: General Table of Aerodynamic Benefits in Time Trials
Appendix B: Strength Plan for 12 weeks
Appendix C: Time Trial Checklist
Appendix D: Time Trial Tips and Tricks
Appendix E: Sample 20-Kilometer Time Trial Warm-Up
Appendix F: Sample Race Schedule
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